Beginners Guide to Crochet

Hello, my dear beginners and readers of our lovely blog Handmade Learning here. How are you? Today I want to talk especially to those who are starting a journey in this wonderful world of crochet! Being a beginner is normal and everyone has been through it or is going through it, don’t worry because with the content we have available here on our blog you will soon be an expert in crochet, is our begginers guide.

Crocheting opens the door to a world of creativity, allowing you to craft beautiful and practical items using just a hook and some yarn. If you’re beginner in thiw world, don’t be discouraged by the initial complexity; we’re here to help you discover simple yet foundational crochet stitches that will pave the way for your own crochet masterpieces.

Mastering the art of crochet becomes easy once you learn the existing stitches and become familiar with them. For beginners to the craft, we will guide you through five essential crochet stitches commonly found in simple patterns. Once you’ve gained skill in creating slipknots and chain stitches, you’ll be equipped to tackle almost any introductory-level project (consider starting with a smaller project, like a simple crochet blanket for a great introduction!).

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Materials You’ll Require

Before delving into the stitches, let’s gather the necessary materials to kickstart your crochet journey:

  • Willpower to learn.
  • Crochet Hook: Acquire a crochet hook; the size should match the thickness of your yarn. Starting with a G/6 (4.00 mm) or H/8 (5.00 mm) hook is advisable.
  • Yarn: Opt for a smooth, medium-weight yarn in a light color to enhance stitch visibility.
  • Scissors: Essential for cutting your yarn.
  • Yarn Needle: Handy for weaving in loose ends upon completing your project.

Our step-by-step diagrams for beginners are designed to make these stitches easy to understand, allowing you to promptly embark on your crochet journey… If you have leftover yarn in your craft stash, that’s a great starting point (otherwise the Skein prices start at just $2 in stores), allowing you to practice each stitch by creating small squares before diving into your first significant project.

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Follow these simple instructions to start your crochet adventure.


Now, dear beginners, let’s embark on learning some fundamental crochet stitches!


Slip Knot

To begin any crochet project, you first make a slip knot. Here’s how: make a circle with your yarn, put the end through the circle, and pull it snug. Now, put that slip knot onto your crochet hook.


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Step 1: Create a loop, then thread another loop through it.

Step 2: Gently tighten and slide the knot up to secure it on the hook.


Chain Stitch (CH)

The chain stitch forms the basis for virtually all crochet projects. To create a chain stitch:



Step 1: Begin by yarning over (yo) the crochet hook and pull the yarn through to create a new loop, ensuring not to tighten the previous loop.

Step 2: Continue this process to generate the desired number of chain stitches. It’s important not to include the slip knot when counting your chain stitches.


Single Crochet (SC)


Step 1: Begin by inserting the hook into the second chain from the starting chain. Yarn over the hook and pull the yarn through the work.

Step 2: Yarn over the hook again and pull the yarn through both loops on the hook, completing a single crochet.

Step 3: Repeat the process by inserting the hook into the next stitch, following the steps from * in step 1.



Half Double Crochet (HDC)


Step 1: Begin by wrapping the yarn over the crochet hook and then insert the hook into the work, targeting the third chain from the hook within the initial chain.

Step 2: Next, yarn over the hook and pull up a loop, resulting in three loops on the hook.

Step 3: Continue by yarning over the hook once more and pulling it through all three loops on the hook, completing one half double crochet stitch.

Step 4: Yarn over the hook again, insert the hook into the next stitch, and repeat the process starting from * in Step 2.



Double Crochet (DC)


Step 1: Begin by yarning over the hook and inserting it into the work, targeting the fourth chain from the starting chain. Yarn over the hook and pull through the work, leaving three loops on the hook.

Step 2: Continue by yarning over the hook and pulling through only the first two loops.

Step 3: Yarn over the hook again and draw through the last two loops on the hook, completing one double crochet.

Step 4: Repeat the process by yarning over the hook, inserting it into the next stitch, and following the instructions from step 2.


Well, here are the essential crochet stitches to any beginner embark on your crochet adventure. We still have some other articles with more fundamental crochet teachings for beginners, take a look. Hone your skills with these points until you feel comfortable with each one. As your confidence grows, you can mix these stitches to create elaborate patterns and designs.

And, dear reader, if you still have any questions about a specific crochet stitch and want to better understand how to do it, I suggest checking out the instructional video available about Crochet for beginners on the TL Yarn Crafts channel that we have made available here for you to watch.



Remember that crochet is about practicing and having a lot of patience and creativity. Many crocheters, even the best ones, make mistakes and learn new things every day.m No matter with you are beginner, start with smaller projects like scarves, shoes or baby hats and as you improve you will do bigger projects. Before you know it, you’ll be making great crochet blankets, cushions, and even clothes… So happy to have you here with us, come back often because we have lots of great content here about crochet for you. See you soon! Happy crocheting!


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