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Flower Hyacinth

Dear reader, how are you? Hope all is well with you! It’s great to be here together once again to learn beautiful crochet pieces and learn new skills. We are in a section of crochet flowers and the one we have here for today is charming, a great gift option and home decor, making your living room wonderful or even the bathroom. This is the crochet hyacinth flower.

Among the wide range of existing crochet flowers, the crochet hyacinth flower stands out as a true masterpiece. With a magnificent, delicate and elegant look. It has vibrant colors, intricate petals and very realistic details. Many crocheters and enthusiasts love this crochet flower pattern, here on our team for example it has won many votes as a favorite.

Hyacinth is a flower well known for its enchanting fragrance and stunning, stunning appearance. Its structure consists of grouped petals of beautiful colors that look great in any garden or decorative pots.

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The choice of colors for the project is completely up to you, however if you choose yarn that most resembles the natural look, you will get an elegant result that is identical to the real flower. Shades of purple, pink, violet, blue and white are the perfect tones for this delicate and very beautiful flower. The thickness of the threads depends on your preference about the size you want the flower to be.

Hyacinth Flower

With the petals stacked one on top of the other, hyacinth flowers look stunning. With some crochet stitches and proper techniques you can execute this beautiful project.
After crocheting the petals, you are finally ready to assemble them. To do this, just arrange the petals around the central stem, uniting them all and securing them with very low stitches.


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MR — Magic Ring

R – Row/Round

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CH — Chain

SC — Single Crochet

SL ST — Slip Stitch

DC — Double Crochet


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  • Yarn needle in your chosen color
  • Crochet hook size 2 mm
  • Wire
  • Fiberfill
  • Scissors
  • Tapestry needle



Begin crocheting with GREEN yarn.

Round 1: Make 6 SC in a Magic Ring.

Round 2 – R50: Continue with 6 SC for 50 rounds.

You can fill the stem with fiberfill every 5 rows or insert the wire inside at the end of crocheting. Cut the yarn, leaving a yarn tail. Close the small hole by taking the front loops only. Fasten off and hide the yarn tail inside the detail.




Round 1: Create 6 SC in a Magic Ring.

Round 2 – Round 3: Continue with 6 SC.

Round 4: CH 5, in the second chain from the hook, crochet: SC, SC, DC, DC.

Then SL ST to the next loop of ROUND 3. Repeat this by making CH 5 and repeating the sequence from ROUND 4. Repeat this process four more times to get a total of 6 petals.

Cut the yarn, leaving a long tail for assembly. You need to crochet 10 flowers for one stem.



Sew 10 flowers to the stem. One Hyacinth flower is now complete! To create a beautiful bouquet, you will need to crochet at least 7 such hyacinths or more.



For those who prefer video tutorials, we’ve got you covered. I recommend this tutorial created by the channel
K. Vito4ka. It is another language, but you will be able to follow the written tutorial perfectly with the step-by-step instructions we provide here. We just want you to familiarize yourself with the movements required for each step of this lovely pattern. Watch the step-by-step video below:


Pay attention to the placement and overlap of each of the petals to achieve a realistic looking flower. To enhance the authenticity of your crochet hyacinth you can add some finishing touches like foliage. We have here other option, the tutorial in PDF made by Victoriia Kyrychuk and is available on Ralvery and you can access it through the link below.

Access the PDF/ Flower Hyacinth

We also left another crochet flower pattern option that you can check out and get inspired:

Flower Forget-me-Not 

Impressive these crochet flowers, isn’t it? Tell us now what you think of this wonderful pattern? Including, send it right now to all your best contacts, share these beautiful crochet flowers. If you are a beginner in the world of crochet, don’t worry, creating a crochet hyacinth is a rewarding and very pleasant experience, in addition to improving your techniques and teaching you, it is not difficult to do. So open the pattern and read carefully now your favorite crochet hook, select your favorite yarn and let’s venture out on this new journey to create your own flowering hyacinth masterpiece.

Thank you so much for being with us another day on our lovely blog, come back often as we have a lot of interesting content and we always bring wonderful free patterns to share with you and together we learn beautiful projects. May your day be magnificent! Kisses and hugs.

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