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Crochet Flower Pot

Adorable flower pot! Hello crochet lover, I brought you a soooo cute pattern that I’m sure you’ll love too! The crochet flower pot is simply the cutest project you’ll ever see (or one of the cutest). It is a beautiful little bowl with crochet flowers that you can use for decoration, to give as a gift to someone special, use as a paperweight or for whatever purpose you prefer to give this beautiful object.

It’s a very easy project to make that requires a lot less than you might think, plus it doesn’t use as much material and you can make several in a single afternoon. Just looking at the photo makes you want to have it in your home. This vase is perfect for special day gifts too, such as Mother’s Day or small keepsakes on birthdays.

There is no restriction on the colors you can use, not even on the chosen flower models. There are several different flowers that exist in nature, so there are countless options to compose your beautiful crochet flower vase. Roses, orchids, hydrangeas. Greens, blues, yellows, oranges… The range of varieties is huge, let your creativity guide you and experiment as you see fit.

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flower pot



  • 1 skein in Toffee (Weight: 4/Medium, 3.5 oz, 170 yds)
  • 1 mini skein each in Purple, Cream, & Grass (Weight: 4/Medium, 1.05 oz, 65 yds)
  • Size G 4 mm crochet hook
  • Tapestry needle
  • Polyfil stuffing

Abbreviations (US terms):

  • ch – chain
  • sl st – slip stitch
  • sc – single crochet
  • hdc – half double crochet
  • dc – double crochet
  • rpt – repeat

Skill Level: Easy


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Pattern Notes:

The flower pot will consist of four parts: the pot, topsoil, flowers, and leaves.

Do not join rounds throughout the pattern.



Flower Pot:

With brown yarn, create a magic ring, chain 1, single crochet (sc) 6 times.

Row 1: Make 2 sc in each stitch around (12).

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Row 2: [2 sc in one stitch, 1 sc] Repeat around (18).

Row 3: [2 sc in one stitch, 2 sc] Repeat around (24).

Row 4: [2 sc in one stitch, 3 sc] Repeat around (30).

Row 5: Single crochet in the back loop only around (30).

Row 6: [2 sc in one stitch, 9 sc] Repeat around (33).

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Row 7: Single crochet around (33).

Row 8: [2 sc in one stitch, 10 sc] Repeat around (36).

Row 9: Single crochet around (36).

Row 10: [2 sc in one stitch, 11 sc] Repeat around (39).

Row 11: Single crochet around (39).

Row 12: [2 sc in one stitch, 12 sc] Repeat around (42).

Row 13: Single crochet around (42).

Row 14: Single crochet in the front loop only around – [2 sc in one stitch, 6 sc] Repeat around (48).

Row 15: Single crochet in the back loop only around (48).

Row 16-17: Single crochet around (48).


Top Soil:

With brown yarn, repeat Flower Pot Rows 1-4.

Row 5: [2 sc in one stitch, 4 sc] Repeat around (36).

Row 6: [2 sc in one stitch, 5 sc] Repeat around (42).

Row 7: [2 sc in one stitch, 6 sc] Repeat around (48).

Row 8-13: Single crochet in each stitch around (48). Finish off, leaving a long tail.


Flower: (Make 30)

With either purple or cream yarn, create a magic ring.

Row 1: *(chain 2, 2 double crochet (dc), chain 2, slip stitch) into the ring, repeat from * 3 more times. Tighten the magic ring and finish off, leaving long tails. Sew or knot onto the top piece.

Leaves: (Make 10)

With green yarn, chain 4. 2 dc in the 2nd chain from the hook, half double crochet (hdc) in the next chain, 3 single crochet (sc) in the last chain, then turn to work down the other side of the chain. Hdc in the next chain, 2 dc in the next chain, slip stitch into the last chain, and finish off. Sew or knot onto the flower pot top after attaching the flowers.



For those who prefer to watch a video tutorial, here is a beautiful option that you can follow to make a beautiful crochet flower vase. The video tutorial is created by the lovely channel
Lacie Made It. Watch carefully and follow the video step by step and you will have a beautiful result in your beautiful crochet flower pot. Watch the video below:



Don’t limit yourself, it’s a very easy project to do for beginners and it will even help you improve your crochet techniques, as each type of flower requires a different technique. Here in our lovely blog Handmade Learning Here we have several options for you, just check our categories and you will see that we have a lot of material that you can use and be inspired by.

What did you think of this article? Did you also like this beauty that is this crochet flower vase? Very beautiful, isn’t it? What are your favorite flowers? Tell us right now in the comments, we love to read everything you have to say. By the way, if you have any questions or suggestions let us know too, we are always ready to answer them here.

Dear reader, below we leave some other options for crochet patterns that you can also look at and be inspired now or in some project that you will do in the future. We believe you will like it! Also check out this Free Pattern:

Crochet Flower Hot Pad

Thank you so much for being with us and for taking some of your time to learn so much about this magnificent art that is crochet. Come back often, we are bringing new things with each passing day, many new and different patterns so that you have many projects on your wish list and that delight everyone. Let’s get our crochet hooks and threads right now and get to work! See you later, have a lovely day.

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