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Woven Ribbon Afghan

Woven Ribbon Afghan

Welcome to the Handmade Learning Here blog! Today, dear reader, let’s delve into the fascinating world of crochet and explore the creation of a stunning Woven Ribbon Afghan. This project not only enhances your crochet skills but also results in a charming, unique piece that will add warmth and style to your home.

Among the many enchanting patterns available, the “Woven Ribbon Afghan” stands out as a masterpiece of elegance and sophistication. This crochet pattern creates a stunning blanket full of texture and intricate details.

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Inspired by Tradition and Innovative in Design, the Woven Ribbon Afghan stands out for its skillful combination of traditional crochet techniques with an innovative twist. Its name suggests the intertwined pattern of bands, achieved through strategic points and color changes. This combination of classic and contemporary elements results in a piece that is simultaneously timeless and modern.

A Variety of Stitches and Textures

One of the most captivating aspects of the Woven Ribbon Afghan is the rich variety of stitches and textures used. Skilled crocheters can explore stitches like double crochet, single crochet, chain stitch, and decorative stitches to create a charming, lushly textured piece. Alternating these stitches adds visual depth to the blanket, providing an immersive tactile experience.

Strategic Color Scheme

The success of the Woven Ribbon Afghan also lies in the careful choice of a color scheme. The blanket often incorporates soft gradients or contrasting combinations to highlight the details of the pattern. Crochet, due to its versatile nature, allows artisans to personalize their afghan, adapting the colors to suit personal preferences or room decor.

Adapting the size of the blanket allows it to be used as a cozy throw for sofas, an elegant decor piece for beds, or even as a special gift for special occasions.

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Woven Ribbon Afghan


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SIZE: One Size

42 inches x 58 inches without border



Beg- begin(s)(ning)

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ch(s) – chain(s)

dc – double crochet

MC – main color

rep – repeat(s)(ing)

rnd(s) – round(s)

sc –single crochet

tog –together


  • 10 skeins of Lion Brand Jiffy® in Black (450-153) – Main Color
  • 4 skeins of Lion Brand Jiffy® in Plum (450-145) – Color A
  • 4 skeins of Lion Brand Jiffy® in El Paso (450-325) – Color B
  • Lion Brand Crochet Hook – Size K-10.5
  • Set of 6 Large-Eye Blunt Needles


10 sc +12 rows = 4 inches (10 cm). The basic square should measure 6 inches X 6 inches (15 cm). Make sure to check your gauge to ensure accuracy.



Basic Square (Make 35)

With your main color (MC), Ch 16.

Row 1: Single crochet (sc) into the second chain from the hook and in each chain across, giving you a total of 15 single crochets.

Row 2: Chain 1, turn your work, and single crochet in each single crochet across.

Repeat Row 2 for a total of 18 rows. Fasten off.

Long Frame Section (Make 16 in Color A; 18 in Color B)

With either Color A or Color B, chain 36.

Row 1: Work as in the Basic Square – 35 single crochets.

Repeat Row 2 for a total of 6 rows. Fasten off.

Short Frame Section (Make 8 in Color A; 6 in Color B)

With either Color A or Color B, chain 21.

Row 1: Work as in the Basic Square – 20 single crochets.

Repeat Row 2 for a total of 6 rows. Fasten off.


Assemble the pieces invisibly following the assembly diagram. For the Frame Sections, position horizontal pieces with the beginning chain at the lower edge and vertical pieces with the beginning chain at the right edge.




Rounds 1-5: Begin by joining the main color (MC) with a slip stitch in any corner. Crochet 100 single crochets (sc) evenly across the top and bottom, 130 along the side edges, and 3 sc in each corner. Work one more round in MC, followed by one round in color A, and finish with two rounds in MC.

Round 6: Start in the corner single crochet, chain 3 (this counts as 1 double crochet), double crochet in the same space, (chain 4, slip stitch in the 4th chain from the hook) to create a picot, then work 2 double crochets in the same space. *Skip 3 single crochets, then (2 double crochets, picot, 2 double crochets) in the next single crochet; repeat from * across, adjusting spacing as needed to end at the next corner. Continue around in this pattern.


Want to have this pattern on hand? Don’t worry, we’ve provided a PDF of this adorable pattern made by Lion Brand and you can access it below:


Woven Ribbon Afghan PDF



Dear reader, we always try to alternate and bring different ways of learning to you. We found a video tutorial for this pattern, which although not in English, you can follow the close caption and better understand the step by step if you have any questions. It is worth checking! You can watch the video tutorial made by Dani Craft Handmade below:



The Woven Ribbon Afghan transcends its role as just a blanket, revealing itself as an intricate and expressive work of art. The combination of colorful stripes and skillful interweaving techniques not only creates a functionally charming piece but also tells a unique visual story, reflecting the passion and dedication invested by artisans in every detail.

By embracing crochet as a form of artistic expression, we not only discover the aesthetic beauty of the afghan but also experience the therapy and satisfaction that emanate from the creative process. This transforms the act of weaving into a personal journey of self-discovery and fulfillment.

What do you think of this adorable pattern, dear reader? We have a variety of patterns on our blog that you’ll love. Share this article with your best friends right now! I hope you have a beautiful day and that your project turns out stunning. Now, let’s put all this learning into practice… Grab your hooks and the yarns chosen for the project and get to work! Happy crocheting!


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