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Crochet Sunflower

Crochet Sunflower

Hello, dear reader, welcome once again to our lovely blog Handmade Learning Here. Today I want to bring you an amazing crochet flower pattern. A classic flower, very beautiful and cheerful. These are crochet sunflowers. With these beautiful specimens you will be able to make a beautiful project, using them in applications, using them in decorations or whatever purposes you have for your beautiful crochet sunflowers.

They are adorable yellow flowers with a brown center, however, although the pattern is sunflowers, you can use your creativity and choose the colors according to your preference.

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There are several purposes for these beautiful pieces, you can think about adding decoration to a room, making applications on your blanket, or a beautiful vase of crochet sunflowers, which wouldn’t be a bad idea.

Sunflowers are a symbol of joy, positivity, and warmth. What better way to bring these elements into your life than by creating your own crochet sunflowers? In this article, we will explore the art of crafting sunflowers using crochet techniques, adding a touch of handmade sunshine to your surroundings.

As summer draws to a close, it’s the perfect time to embrace sunflower season! If, like me, you have a collection of sunflower patterns tucked away but haven’t had the chance to bring them to life, don’t worry. This crochet tutorial will guide you through the process of creating beautiful sunflowers, step by step.

Whether you aim to craft a vibrant bouquet or simply add a touch of radiance to your living space, these crochet sunflowers are ideal for any season. Let’s dive into the joy of crafting your own Crochet Sunflowers!

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Supplies Needed:

Before you start crocheting, gather these basic materials:

  • Yellow and brown yarn
  • Crochet Hook – 3.5 mm
  • Tapestry Needle
  • Scissors


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How to Crochet a Sunflower

  • R1 – Choose a brown yarn for the flower’s center. Begin with a magic ring.

crochet sunflower


  • R2- Once the magic ring is formed, make 2 chain stitches, keeping the hook attached.


  • R3 – Work a Double Crochet (DC) through the magic ring.

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  • R4- Continue working DC through the ring, keeping the magic ring loose.


  • R5 – Complete a total of 16 DC through the magic ring.


  • R6 – Pull the open end of the magic ring to close its center, and work a slip stitch through the top chain of the first DC.


  • R7 – Pick a yarn for the petals. Either start with a slip knot or pull the yarn through any top chain stitch of the brown ring to form a small loop.


  • R8 – Hold the open end of the yellow yarn to secure the loop, and chain 1.


  • R9 – Work a DC through the next chain.


  • R10- Perform a Treble Crochet (TR) through the same chain.


  • R 11- Next, Chain 1.


  • R12- Work 1 TR and 1 DC through the same chain.


  • R13 – Complete a slip stitch through the next chain on the ring.


  • R14 – Repeat steps 8-13 for the remaining petals; you should have a total of 8 petals around the base ring.




  • R15 -After the 8th petal, work a slip stitch through the first chain of the base ring. Pull out a few inches of yarn and cut it off from the bundle.

  • R16 -Use a tapestry needle to stitch the open ends of the yarn on the backside of the crochet sunflower.


Congratulations! Your crochet sunflowers are now finished and ready to brighten up your space!



Dear friend, I want to make available to you an easy Sunflower Crochet pattern that you can follow and complement your learning. It is very important to watch tutorial videos, as with them we can learn new techniques, improve our skills and familiarize ourselves with the pattern. It’s a video from the YouTube channel Hopeful Turns and you can access it below.




Crocheting sunflowers not only adds a charming handmade touch to your space but also allows you to express creativity and spread positivity. These crochet sunflowers make wonderful gifts and are a perfect way to brighten up any room. So, gather your yarn and crochet hook, and let the sunshine in with these adorable crocheted sunflowers!

I hope you enjoyed this lovely article, we have several different patterns here on our lovely blog. Thank you for being here with us and let’s do what we love most: crochet! Have a great day. XoXo

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