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Flower Wave Stitch

Hello my loves! It is a great pleasure to have you here so that together we can learn more about crafts and make many beautiful things. We from the handmade learning team are always remembering you, because all the beautiful patterns and everything new about crochet we like to bring you here. If you are looking for a beautiful and unique stitch pattern to make your beautiful projects, here is your solution. A magnificent, unique and charming pattern is the flower wave stitch pattern. The flower wave stitch has an open fabric with a nice texture, not to mention its charming appearance.

Appreciate this stunning crochet stitch pattern, its elegance will beautify the various jobs you have in mind. These flower crochet stitches have a charm aside that can give the environment a special air. In addition to being incredibly textured, which makes it even more graceful. Imagine the beautiful works you can do with this wonderful crochet stitch pattern, the possibilities are varied and you can use your creativity to do whatever you want.

You know that gift you want to give to someone but you didn’t know the ideal crochet stitch that you could use in this beautiful work? This could be the ideal crochet stitch for your work. You can also make a beautiful combination using other stitches to make your project even more beautiful and special. A baby blanket would look beautiful using the flower wave stitch, or a stroller cover that can add fabric underneath, a decorative blanket for your living room sofa or a beautiful centerpiece to make your guests enchanted!

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flower wave stitch

Image / Tutorial : By My Picot


Of all the possible patterns that exist in crochet, the crochet stitch patterns with flowers are the ones that attract the most attention. It must be because of their beauty, besides, they can be used all year round, because just like flowers, they bring harmony wherever they go.

I remember visiting my grandmother’s house and always seeing that she left a beautiful flowered crochet blanket in her living room, it was actually not the same blanket, she liked these types of crochet stitches so much that she made several. And they were all very elegant and beautiful!

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We provide beautiful photos here so you can follow along and get an idea of ​​how to perform and how you can make your combinations. You can mix several colors, leave it colorful or do it in just one color, be it stronger or neutral. It will look great either way! I hope you like it and can have beautiful ideas.

Flowers are a beauty apart, can you imagine flowers made of crochet in a pattern that you can keep for the rest of your life and will be like your legacy?

Flower Wave Stitch Diagram: 


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There’s no secret, it’s a pattern made from the bottom up with a continuous pattern format. The choice of colors depends on your taste and creativity, and you can make the project you want in any size. The pattern provided is from MyPicot and is very easy to follow.

This pattern is a design developed by the website, we have gathered the information in a PDF that we have provided so that you can follow it better, just like the graph from the website We’ll leave the link below so you can access!


How good it is to learn new things, isn’t it? Tell us what you think of this beautiful flowery crochet pattern and if you already have an idea of what to do with it.

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If you have questions or suggestions let us know in the comments, we are always alert and ready to answer them.
We thank you for being able to share these beauties with you and we wish your day to be filled with good things. Happy crochet!!! See you soon.

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