Crochet Granny Squares

Solid Granny Square

Hello friends and crochet lovers! I’m so happy to have you here at this time to share something incredibly wonderful. This is yet another variation on the good old crochet squares or granny squares, whichever you prefer. Today we’re going to talk about solid  granny square crochet! These crochet squares are ideal for creating incredible crochet pieces, as diverse as you can imagine.

The cool thing about these squares is that they look great in whatever color you prefer to use, you can totally feel free to play with them. I’ve been spending some time making a sequence with several different crochet squares, it was a search to bring you patterns and also to see which one would look best, I made them all in a matter of two days.

My point is that when crocheting the solid crochet square I just couldn’t believe it when I was done how fast it was. It’s an extremely easy piece to make, perfect for beginner crocheters, this solid granny square may look complicated and confusing at first, but after a few rounds you just don’t want to stop making them, I found a great way to make a beautiful blanket with this square and learn more about these techniques and scoring.

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Solid Crochet Square

Solid Granny Square

solid crochet

Crochet for me is one of my best friends, my hobby with whom I spend hours and hours on end and that’s why I’m very curious to learn about new techniques. The other day I talked to my friend Abbie about these squares that I was making and she said that they would be in my top 3 of projects, Abbie said that she would try to do it too, days later she called me telling me that she simply loved the tip and had already made one jacket all made with them.

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As for the colors, according to your preference, you can choose one, two, three or leave your project completely colored. Alternate, form a design with the squares, the important thing is that you do exactly what you feel like doing so that you feel satisfied with the final result of your project.

There is not much secret to making this beautiful square, they start as small circles in the middle and then with the rounds they turn into squares. This is really cool, as it helps create a solid middle for the square, and this makes it easier to attach appliqués. All this is very clear and written in the tutorial that we leave here.

If you are wondering how much line you will need. Instead of buying four or five separate balls of yarn, you only need one. With each skein, you can create five granny squares, each consisting of four loops, using an H/5.00mm crochet hook. There’s usually a bit of yarn left over in each color, but since you bought several skeins in this color, you can save the extras for your future projects.

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So, here we go…


Yarn needle in your choice color

H/5.00 mm Hook



  • mc – magic circle/ring
  • ch -chain
  • dc – double crochet
  • hdc – half double crochet
  • st – stitch(es)
  • sl st – slip stitch
  • sp – space



Round 1: Begin by making a magic circle (mc), and chain 2 (this chain does NOT count as a stitch). Work 10 double crochets (dc) into the magic circle, then slip stitch (sl st) into the first dc to complete the round (10 stitches in total).

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Round 2: Chain 2 and then work 2 dc stitches in each stitch around. Finish the round by slip stitching into the first stitch (20 stitches in total).

Round 3: Start with a chain 3, which counts as a double crochet (dc) for this round and throughout the pattern. In the same stitch as the chain 3, work (dc, chain 2, 2 dc), then work 1 dc and 1 half-double crochet (hdc) in the next 2 stitches. Continue with the pattern of  *(2 dc, chain 2, 2 dc) in the next stitch, followed by 1 dc and 1 hdc in the next 2 stitches. Repeat this pattern from * to * around the circle, and finish the round by slip stitching into the top of the initial chain 3.

Round 4: Continue the pattern from Round 3, repeating it for as many rounds as you desire.

In addition, we are making a video tutorial available for you to follow, the written tutorial is very easy to understand, and watching the video you will be able to better understand the movements and even learn a new technique. A separate tip is to take some available line and do it along with the video so that you train and improve your skills, in addition to becoming familiar with the pattern.



Dear reader, we will provide a video tutorial option here that you can follow. I recommend this tutorial created by the Jonna Martinez channel.
Be sure to watch the video tutorial, this way you will be able to familiarize yourself with the step-by-step instructions more easily and do a great job when you get to work. Watch the video tutorial below:


Graphic for Solid Granny Square:


Solid Granny Square. There are several jobs that can be done with them, or you can simply use them as coasters, which is a real grace that will delight your visitors. Whatever your goal, I hope you have a very elegant result.

Dear reader, we from the Handmade Learning Here team have here other pattern options that you can check out, they can serve as inspiration for you now or in some future project. Here we separate it exclusively for you and we believe you will like it:

Solstic Granny Square

I hope I helped you with this project, tell me what you think of this crochet square pattern. It’s magnificent, isn’t it? Because of this, you should send it to your top 5 contacts right now, so you can share this beautiful learning and allow more people to see this wonderful pattern.

Thank you for being here with us on our lovely blog, I hope you’ll come back often and look at the other different patterns we have on our blog, we have a lot of material that I’m sure you’ll love. May you have a beautiful day full of good things and lots of crochet! See you soon.

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  • Dorothy

    They all look lovely just a beginner, but would love to do them when I get better

  • These are absolutely awesome.

  • Joseph Ostering

    I think they are pretty thank you I’ll be making a blanket


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