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Crochet dog sweater

Hello my loves. How are you feeling today? We hope you are doing very well. As you know, we at the lovely Handmade Patterns blog are always looking for new and beautiful crochet patterns to share here with you. Today we came to bring something amazing, which will make your pets more beautiful and certainly warmer. These are the beautiful crochet dog sweater pattern. You have no idea of ​​the most beautiful craft projects we can do with this beautiful art we call crochet.

The crochet dog sweater pattern is a very easy to make, creative and fun pattern. Its step-by-step guide is very complete and with illustrative images so that you can follow along and execute your project even better. The idea of ​​making clothes for our pets is very cool, because in addition to making them more charming, it can bring greater comfort on cold days, leaving them totally warm and beautiful. Our lovely blog is always looking to bring great standards for the whole family, and as pets are part of our family, they are obviously included.

I always bought some clothes for my pets, but one day I saw one made entirely from crochet and then I thought I should do it, since crocheting is something I like. I searched the internet for patterns and finally found and made a nice shelter for my beautiful dog. It’s lovely to see something we’ve made with such care and love being used by someone we love dearly, like our pets. It was certainly a great decision I made to keep it warm, even more than buying it. I loved working on this amazing pattern and I believe you will too, it really is amazing.

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You can use the color you prefer and even make combinations, you can try to use a different stitch in order to create an extraordinary and exclusive piece. Let your creativity flow and make different pieces for your beautiful dog. The good side is that there will be several copies of clothes to walk with him around and we are sure he will be very cute.

Furthermore, if you are looking for a way to earn extra income, you can choose to make these beautiful pieces to sell to your friends, family or anyone else who has dogs and likes to buy clothes for them. You can use and abuse different yarns and make patterns of various colors, with different yarns, using some details if you want. Feel free to explore your creativity!

There are several ways for you to work and make exclusive pieces for your beautiful and beloved pets, you can innovate as much as you want. I know how difficult it is to find crochet sweater patterns for dogs, however we are providing some options here so you can have variations when you go to make them.

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4.5mm Crochet Hook.
Row markers
Darning needle
Yarn of your choice Medium 4. Color of your preference.
2X 1 inch buttons.
1 Larger button (optional for collar).


Make it according to the ideal size for your pet, here are examples of the size made for a chiuaua.
Chest = 15 1/2 inches.
Neck = 10 1/2 inches.
Waist 12 1/2 inches.

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Here we have some tables available for you with the ideal measurements according to the size of your pet.

Measurement chart

Using a measuring tape
Approximately 4 rows = 2 inches.
Approximately  6 hdc = 2 inches.
It was measured on the body of the finished project.

Some measures were included throughout the development of the project.

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Ch – Chain.
Sc – Single Crochet.
Ea – Each.
St(s) – Stitch(es).
Mnr – Mark New Row/Round.
Rnd(s) – Round(s).
Beg – Beginning.
SS – Slip Stitch.
hdc – Half Double Crochet.
Bl – Back Loop.


Starting with the collar.

Row 1: Begin by Ch 20. Turn. Work a half double crochet (hdc) into the second chain from your hook. Continue to hdc into each chain across. (19 hdc)

Rows 2-18: Chain 2, then turn. Work a hdc into the back loop (bl) of each stitch (ea) across, creating a pattern ‘hills and valleys’. (19 hdc)

The collar should have dimensions of approximately 5 1/2 inches in width and 10 inches in length.

Now, fold your project in half, aligning Row 1 precisely with Row 18. Seam together by slip stitching (ss) through the back loops of both rows simultaneously, thus forming a tube, which serves as the collar.

Working right to left, ss 6 times across to next ‘hill’.

The Body

Row 1: Begin with a chain of 2. Then, repeat the following pattern: Half-double crochet (hdc) in the next stitch, hdc in the next valley, hdc in the next stitch, and hdc in the next hill. Repeat this pattern 6 more times. Finish the row with an hdc in the next hill. In total, there should be 28 hdc stitches.

Row 2: Start with a chain of 2 and turn your work. Proceed by hdc in the next 12 stitches. Then, chain 4 and skip the next 4 stitches (this creates a leash hole). Complete the row by hdc in the next 12 stitches. There should be a total of 24 hdc stitches.

Rows 3-6: For each of these rows, begin with a chain of 2 and turn. Perform hdc stitches in each stitch across the row. In total, there should always be 28 hdc stitches.

Note: The project’s width should measure approximately 10 inches across.

Row 7: Start with a chain of 2 and turn. Perform hdc stitches in each stitch across the row. Additionally, chain 21 at the end of this row. The row should contain 28 hdc stitches and a chain of 21.

Row 8: Turn your work and begin by hdc in the second chain from the hook. Continue by hdc in each chain and stitch across. There should be a total of 47 hdc stitches.

Row 9: Start with a chain of 2 and turn. Perform hdc in the next 44 stitches. Chain 1 and skip the next stitch to create a buttonhole. Finish the row with hdc in the last 2 stitches. The row should contain 46 hdc stitches and a buttonhole.

Row 10: Begin with a chain of 2 and turn. Perform hdc stitches in each stitch across. Skip the last stitch. This row should consist of 46 hdc stitches.

Row 11: Start with a chain of 2 and turn. Perform hdc in the next 43 stitches. Chain 1 and skip the next stitch to create another buttonhole. Complete the row with hdc in the last 2 stitches. The row should contain 45 hdc stitches and a buttonhole.

Row 12: Begin with a chain of 2 and turn. Perform hdc stitches in each stitch across. Skip the last stitch. This row should consist of 45 hdc stitches.

Note: The strap should measure approximately 16 inches in length and have 2 buttonholes.

Row 13: Chain 2. Turn. Complete a half-double crochet in the next 22 stitches. (22 HDC)

Rows 14-18: Chain 2. Turn. Perform a half-double crochet in each stitch across. (22 HDC)

Row 19: Turn. Half-double crochet in each stitch across. Skip the last stitch. (21 HDC)

Row 20: Repeat Row 19. (19 HDC)

Row 21: Repeat Row 19. (17 HDC)

Row 22: Repeat Row 19. (15 HDC)

Row 23: Repeat Row 19. (13 HDC)

Row 24: Repeat Row 19. (11 HDC)

Round 1: Chain 1 (minor). Turn. Single crochet evenly around. Slip stitch in the beginning chain 1 to join. (168 SC) Fasten off. Secure loose ends


The available pattern is very clear and easy to follow, isn’t difficult to follow because, are basic repetitions and without much secret. You can easily follow through the link we provide here below with the PDF too. It’s very easy to follow with a very clear and intuitive tutorial.

Try the sweater on your model. Align the strap and sew the buttons in place. I also added a button to the collar just for looks

Access the PDF/ Crochet Dog Sweater

We recommend that you follow the video tutorial that will also be available here so that you understand the pattern better before working with it and execute it more easily, this way you will be able to make beautiful pieces more easily. What you can also do is use some yarn you already have to test the pattern before you even start, do and undo along with the video and then put it into practice in the final piece.

Doing something you love becomes even more special when you do it for someone you love, dedicate your love to this beautiful piece that will gift your pet and know that he will feel your affection and reciprocate in the most beautiful and unique way just as pets know how to reciprocate . We also recommend that you don’t use buttons or pieces that are too small to be swallowed by your pets, if you are going to add something like that.


You might like to see these beautiful stitch patterns that you can also use in your amazing pieces:

What do you think of this great idea of ​​cute crochet sweater for dog? Tell us here in the comments if your pet has any crochet items and if you intend to make one for him. If you have any suggestions or questions, let us know as well, we are always on the lookout and are very happy to answer them. We are completely happy to be able to help you and share with you once again something amazing, the word that defines us at this moment is gratitude. We wish you all the best, may your day be amazing and full of good things. Let’s crochet!

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  • There is only one size direction listed. I’ve started 3 times different size hooks. I usually crochet big. I’m now using a larger size than pattern. Collar isn’t 10” long.


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