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Crochet Rosebud Stitch

Hello friends and readers, how are you? I hope you are all well. As usual, we always start the week with a new pattern, don’t we? So I can’t wait to share this new pattern here on our blog. As you may have noticed in our last articles, we are paying special attention to crochet stitch patterns. We received several emails and most of them are requests for different types of stitches. And the stitch chosen today is the Crochet Rosebud stitch.

Flower stitches make crochet craft work more beautiful and elegant, check it out: the choice of beautiful and colorful threads make this crochet stitch reach a very high level of beauty and accuracy. You must be wondering what jobs we can apply flower stitches to, right? These stitches can be applied to blankets, rugs, quilts and even crochet clothes. Whichever you choose to apply these points, the result will be incredible and beautiful.

Crochet Rosebud Stitch. This flower stitch is easy to do without needing to have an advanced level of crochet, but then the question arises: if it’s not difficult, is it beautiful? And I answer to all of you: but of course yes! A crochet stitch doesn’t have to be difficult to be pretty or eye-catching. An example of this is chain stitches, which are beautiful and often used in crochet work. What makes crochet beautiful is not the level of techniques used, but the choice of beautiful and correct yarns and, of course, our dedication to work. A crochet job just needs to be innovative and with dedication. In this tutorial you will check techniques and ways to apply this beautiful flower stitch in different types of crochet.

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A great idea to use this crochet stitch is to use this stitch on rugs. Crochet rugs will be more beautiful and elegant with this stitch, and you can use different textures and yarn colors to make it more colorful and cheerful. As you can see in the illustrative image we used, the color combination made this project much more striking and beautiful. We know that there are crochet jobs that call for more sober colors, but in the case of this pattern we can use the most varied shades of threads.

The Crochet Rosebud Stitch is a versatile pattern that goes well with all the patterns that are used in home decor, but we should pay attention to some tips that this pattern asks for, for example: the yarn you are going to use makes all the difference in this project, as it will give the difference in several effects of the pattern. Another tip is not to use very fine yarns, many times when we use too fine yarns it ends up not having all the highlight it should have, so if you can use thicker threads. And the last tip is to use clear lines for the center of the flowers, as this will make the stitches stand out more.The pattern is amazing and you can access the PDF through the link we left here for you.

Here are the instructions with a clearer format

 Note: Always ensure that you use the recommended hook size mentioned on the yarn label when working with any stitch pattern for optimal results.

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SC – Single Chain

HDC – Half Double Crochet

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DC – Double Crochet

TC –  Treble Crochet

SL – Slip Stitch

Ch – Chain


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Stitches used:

  • Chain (ch).
  • Slip stitch (sl st).
  • Single crochet (sc).
  • Half Double crochet (hdc).
  • Two Half Double Crochet Cluster: Create two half double crochets in the specified stitch or space, while keeping the last loop of each stitch on the hook. Yarn over and pull a loop through all the loops on the hook.
  • Three Half Double Crochet Cluster: Form three half double crochets in the designated stitch or space, maintaining the last loop of each stitch on the hook. Yarn over and draw a loop through all the loops on the hook.
  • Double crochet (dc).

Stitch Pattern is a multiple of 4 + 2.

To create a sample swatch using the background color, start by crocheting 30 chains (ch 30).



Row 1: Begin by single crocheting in the second chain from your hook, then continue to single crochet in each chain across, and finally, turn your work.

Rows 2-4: Create a chain of one, single crochet in each single crochet across, and turn your work. At the end of Row 4, fasten off.

Row 5: Start by attaching the color of your choice ( for the leaves) to the beginning single crochet. In that same single crochet, work a cluster of two half-double crochets, followed by a chain-2, and then another cluster of two half-double crochets. Now, *chain 1, skip the next three single crochets, and in the next single crochet, work another cluster of two half-double crochets, followed by a chain-1, and another cluster of two half-double crochets*. Repeat this pattern from * to * across the row. Finish off your work.

Row 6: Return to the beginning of Row 5 and join the color of your choice (for the flower). In the chain-2 space of the beginning cluster shell, *create a cluster of three half-double crochets. Then, chain 3, skip the next chain-1 space, and in the chain-2 space of the next cluster shell, work another cluster of three half-double crochets*. Repeat this process (from * to *) across the row. Fasten off your yarn when you’re done.

Row 7: Return to the beginning of Row 6 and join the background color by creating a chain of one. Single crochet in the top right-hand side of the beginning cluster. Now, *make two double crochets in the second single crochet of the three that were skipped in Row 4, pulling the double crochets up to the current level of your work, and then make two single crochets in the top right-hand side of the next cluster*. Repeat this pattern from* to *  across the row, and then turn your work.

Rows 8-10: For each of these rows, start with a chain of one and single crochet in each stitch across the row. Turn your work at the end of each row. When you finish Row 10, fasten off your yarn.

To continue the pattern, repeat Rows 5 to 10 as instructed

We have a PDF version available for you to print if you prefer and to follow along better, it is available below. Hope it’s useful!

Access the PDF/ Crochet Rosebud Stitch

Dear reader, here is a video on how to make this beautiful project. The video is easy to follow and you will have great success making your beautiful project with this adorable stitch. The video was created by the Creative Grandma channel. You can find the video tutorial here.

We know that every crochet stitch to get it perfect must be done through attempts until we get the result we want, be patient and calm because with the help of our tutorial everyone will be able to accomplish this pattern. We hope you like this point and use it in your next works.

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We leave here some suggestions of some patterns that have already been baked by our blog. and we think it matches this new crochet suggestion. Our entire team appreciates the affection we always receive through emails and social networks. It is of great importance to know that you like our work, after all our greatest joy is being able to share these patterns for free with all of you. XoXo and see you soon!

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