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Crochet Heart Bobble

Hello my dear reader, welcome another day to our lovely blog. Today we want to bring you something magnificent that you will love, it is a beautiful pattern that will make a wonderful blanket. I am very happy to have you here and always help you with free patterns and crochet teachings. The pattern in question that we bring here today is the Crochet Heart Bobble Stitch. This is a perfect pattern for projects for babies and children because it is so delicate, so pretty and so easy to make.

I’ve seen countless blankets using this pattern and all of them are very beautiful, it’s a classic pattern that you must have seen before. Don’t expect to have many difficulties with this pattern, because it’s much easier than you think and after you get familiar with this technique you will definitely want to make new things, you can even play with this pattern making new shapes. After seeing the result you will want to make more and more projects using this beautiful pattern.

Crochet Heart Bobble Stitch is a stunning pattern that looks great with any combination of colors and tones you desire. Choose the color according to your preference, or according to the baby’s gender, although that doesn’t mean anything today, it’s a very old tradition and can influence you when choosing colors. You can use just one color, or make your blanket two tones. Here we leave some models for you to be inspired when making your beautiful project.

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Crochet Heart Bobble Stitch

Making the heart shape is not difficult, you will definitely love working with this technique. We make available here this lovely graphic of the mold in question which is very simple to understand and even better, a video tutorial that will explain how to follow this mold without any difficulties. The pattern is very well written and easy for you to understand, read it carefully and you will definitely get it.


  • Worsted weight yarn in the color(s) of your choice
  • H-hook or a hook of your preference
  • Chart(s) of your choosing

Stitches Used:

Single crochet

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Bobble stitch: Work 4 double crochets in the same stitch, leaving 5 loops on the hook by omitting the last step in each double crochet (pulling the yarn through the last two loops). Yarn over and draw the yarn through all 5 loops. Essentially, you are performing a 4 double crochet decrease in the same stitch.



Begin by chaining 30.

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Each square on the chart represents one stitch.

Use the bobble stitch for the colored squares and single crochet for the white squares.

If you are right-handed, start in the bottom right corner of the chart; if you are left-handed, begin in the bottom left corner.



Chain 30.

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Row 1: Single crochet in the second stitch from the hook and across (29 stitches).

Rows 2-31: Chain 1, follow the chart by performing a single crochet for the white squares and a bobble stitch for the colored squares (29 stitches).

Row 32: Chain 1, single crochet across (29 stitches).

It’s a lovely PDF with written directions for print is available on Ralvery and you can access it through the link we left here for you.

Don’t waste time with negativities, following the video and the pattern you will surely do it the first time. To help even more, take some thread that you have available at home and train along with the video, that way you will be able to learn and perform the movements better and even improve your crochet skills.

Access the free pattern/ Heart Bobble Chart


Dear reader, here is a video on how to make this beautiful project. The video is easy to follow and you will have great success making your beautiful project with this adorable stitch. The video was created by the Crochet with Joanna channel. You can find the video tutorial here.

Who do you think would love to have a blanket like that? Well then, she is a great match for this person and you should send it to your top five contacts right now. What do you think about starting to do it today? If you have any questions or suggestions let us know through the comments, we want to know everything you have to say and answer you as soon as possible.

Reader, if you’re still on the fence about your next crochet project, here are a few more pattern options that you can take a look at that might serve as inspiration for you.  You may like these patterns:

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Thank you very much for being with us in our space of friendship, love and a lot of crafts. It’s always a great pleasure to have you here with us and to do one of the things we love most together… Crochet! Grab your thread and crochet hook and have a beautiful day! Happy crochet. See you soon.

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  • Linda Burns

    Can you use baby sport weight yarn for this pattern? Don’t want a heavy blanket

  • Angela Horak

    Is there some way to work the pattern across an entire blanket without doing squares?


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