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Converse Baby Booties

Hello! Today on our lovely blog we have an amazing pattern that is very popular and highly requested by everyone. As we know, there are always new crochet projects, there are countless patterns available out there and there are some pieces that we really wish we could make and have the pattern written in our hands, right? And over time, new patterns emerge with different and very beautiful models. That’s why we’ve brought you the Converse Baby Booties pattern.

If you don’t know converse, I’ll tell you a little about it. Converse Baby booties is a line of all star shoes that have been very popular since the 50’s and have never gone out of style since then, in this case it is an updated line that has the look of a small ankle boot and the rubber toe, which gives it the he is a very cool and timeless look. I believe this has won over the public for so long.

I’m not sure whether these shoes for newborns exist, but if they exist, in addition to being very expensive, they are certainly not very comfortable for our little ones to wear. Knowing this, some people developed this amazing all-crochet pattern which is a full-crochet replica. And knowing its popularity, we couldn’t leave this pattern out of our huge list of free pattern stories.

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Converse Baby Booties

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Image/ Tutorial by Ralvery

Now you can make your own examples of converse baby booties, in the most varied colors you want and you can even customize it leaving it with your face. These little boots are the most adorable pair I’ve ever seen, they’re very pretty just like the original converse, and at the same time very cute.

To start your converse baby booties, just choose a crochet hook, and you can choose which one you think is best. Of course, the needle sometimes depends on the weight and thickness of the yarn you will use. So check the wire you have at home.

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White worsted weight yarn (48 meters)

Bright-colored sport weight yarn (40 meters)

Fray stop glue

Crochet hooks in the following sizes: 4.0mm, 3.0mm, and 1.4mm, or as required for your specific tension and purpose

Yarn needle for weaving in ends and embroidery

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Optional: Black yarn, either worsted or sport weight (8 meters). If you choose the black trim version, you’ll use 8 meters less of the colored sport weight yarn.

Non-slip fabric


Tension for the project (approximately):

Using a 4.0mm hook with worsted weight yarn:

Work single crochet through both the front and back loops.

Achieve a gauge of approximately 17 stitches and 17 rows per 4 inches.

Using a 3.0mm hook with sport weight yarn:

Work single crochet through both the front and back loops.

Achieve a gauge of approximately 19 stitches and 20 rows per 4 inches.



Sole: 11.5cm long x 5.5cm wide

Height: 6cm to 6.5cm



The pattern includes instructions for working tightly to create a stiffer fabric. Almost all of the pattern involves working through both the front and back loops together, except for specific cases where only back loops are used. These exceptions are noted to create a horizontal line on the right side of the sole sides for the color line. Additionally, when changing direction from the sole bottom to sole sides and from sole sides to toe/upper, the hook loops through the loop behind the back loop.

The soles can be made with or without a non-slip sole. For newborn sizes, the additional work is often omitted. However, for sizes intended for toddlers on hardwood or vinyl floors, non-slip soles are recommended. Various methods can be used to make non-slip soles, including using thin cardboard templates to trace and cut out non-slip fabric and then crocheting a sole to match. Alternatively, the final row of the sole can be crocheted with the yarn sole and non-slip fabric sole held wrong sides together. Premade soles, such as leather, can also be considered with a similar process of adding a row of single crochet around the edge and moving up the sole sides.

The pattern maker creates these shoes in various sizes, with variations in length, thickness, and height. However, detailed explanations for the other sizes are not provided due to the complexity involved.

A variation is included in the pattern to create a black-trimmed version, resembling an actual shoe. The pattern maker personally prefers the two-color version but includes instructions for both.

To ensure the safety of little ones, the shoe laces are attached to the shoe at the bottom to prevent them from being pulled free. It is also important to securely attach the star appliqué.


Making a cute baby converse bootie is not only a wonderful creative endeavor, but also a heartfelt gift for your child. The process allows you to put love and care into each stitch, resulting in a unique and cherished piece of clothing.

Whether you possess advanced crochet skills or are just starting out, adhering to a pattern, meticulously focusing on details, and selecting gentle, baby-safe materials will enable you to fashion an enchanting baby dress that is both endearing and cozy.

For those who prefer PDF tutorials, we’ve got you covered. The tutorial was created by artisan Suzanne Resaul and is on Ralvery, we leave the PDF download link available for you here. Access the PDF now with all the complete pattern instructions, the step by step is very well written.

Access the PDF/ Baby Converse


Dear reader, we will also make available here a video tutorial on how to make this beautiful crochet stitch. The video is very easy to follow and you will be very successful when playing it. The video is from Kristina Crochet’s channel. You can find the video tutorial below:

In addition, you can sell some copies and earn extra money, it will certainly be very successful. Have you ever imagined the colors you can use and the variety of pairs of small shoes you can make? Let your creativity guide you and do everything as you prefer. I believe they will be very beautiful and I would give anything to see the wonderful result of their labor of love.

Look, dear reader, if you still have some doubts about your next crochet project, here are some other pattern options that you can check out, they might serve as inspiration for you now or for some future project:

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What do you think of this amazing pattern? It’s very beautiful and modern, don’t you think? That’s why you should share it with your best contacts right now so that they too have the opportunity to have access to this adorable pattern. The project is very easy to do and in a short time you will make several copies. It’s the perfect project for beginners! If you pay attention to the standard and do everything calmly, in the end everything will be fine. I hope you enjoy this lovely pattern and check back often for the other amazing patterns we have here. Hope you have a great day! Happy crocheting! See you soon.

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