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Extreme Drop Stitch

Hello my beloved reader! Thinking of a new cute crochet project to get started? So here is the solution to your problem! We brought you a beautiful crochet stitch pattern called Extreme Drop Stitch. Your projects can be much more beautiful with this beautiful crochet stitch, you can make a beautiful blanket, scarves, caps or whatever you want to make and even add beautiful details to other works.

The Crochet Extreme Drop Stitch is so cute that it’s the perfect crochet stitch to compose baby pieces, beautiful blankets that will be arranged in their cribs. You can also work with it as a detail on the edges of your napkins, a charm!

Those who are already used to crochet may already know or master this technique, and if you have already worked with it, you can even invest in making wonderful pieces to sell or give as gifts. People will definitely love it, because this crochet stitch is passionate!

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crochet extreme drop stitchExtreme Drop Stitch


It’s very cool to think that crochet is an art that relaxes us, helps us in difficult times and is part of the good times of our lives. Crocheting you can relieve stress and anxiety, it’s an excellent activity for those who want to unwind. The heavy routine tires us and leaves the mind restless, however, with crochet we can provide ourselves with a moment of peace and still have a new learning experience.

If you make crocheting a habit, in addition to being very talented, you will be very calm! Crochet can be a fun hobby for anyone looking for one, and maybe even become a craft. There are many stitches that can be made, combined and learned. You stimulate your brain to learn new techniques while working with your hands.

The Crochet Extreme Drop Stitch is a unique stitch, you can find the step by step explained in a PDF by Noreen Hunter-Talbot that we will make available here. It has this look that really resembles a leaf, if you work with autumn tones you will see that it gets even clearer! It’s a delight to work with, I really enjoyed making this pattern, it’s very simple and when you see the result you’re impressed!

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Between one stitch and another, keeping the loops on the hooks and then pulling a loop at the end, you can see that the result is nothing less than a very beautiful stitch! Colors can be varied and combined according to your project and taste. There’s nothing wrong with this crochet stitch pattern.

If worked on baby blankets, scarves or even bags and hats, you will get pieces of real refinement. But don’t let the sophisticated look scare you away as it is actually quite easy to do. It’s a jazzy crochet stitch and perfect for composing your beautiful pieces! Of all the spots I’ve seen, I can say that this is one of the most fascinating. We hope you enjoy it as much as we love it!

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We believe that it is not a very difficult pattern to follow and the step by step is very didactic.


We leave the instructions here so you can follow along and make your amazing projects. We always recommend watching the video tutorials before doing so, that way you will be able to get tips and make it easier. Enjoy!

Access the free PDF/ Extreme Drop Crochet Stitch PDF Tutorial

Dear friend, you can follow the tutorial video bellow by Nana’s Crafty Home if you prefer. The important thing is that you take your time and develop your technical abilities better by learning this beautiful crochet stitch easily and doing a beautiful job.

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I know a nice combination for this pattern, check it out and see what you think:

Crochet Heart Stitch

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